Regenesis Project is a non profit which does micro enterprise and financial education work in the village of Sous Savanne in Haiti. Currently there are 4 ladies making paper bead jewelry and Christmas ornaments. Some are sold in Haiti and some are brought back to the states to sell to contribute to Regenesis Project’s finances. We also have a man and a lady that work on sewing projects. By working with the individuals, we are giving them confidence and finances to branch out to other avenues of income producing activities.

Regenesis Project is also trying to promote other sustainable projects such as soapmaking, raising laying chickens ,making peanut butter. We help with these ideas by providing the knowledge and finances necessary to get people started.Nothing is ever easy in Haiti, and working with a population that has a difficult time thinking in terms of tomorrow is definitely challenging. Working at the Haven and taking workshops on dealing with people in poverty has been very helpful.

Regenesis Project is also partnering with a local Christian school run by a Christian Haitian couple, Pastor and Madame Laguerre, to establish a stronger math program and financial education for the school. Pastor and Madame agree that one of the ways to help Haiti’s future is to educate their children. They also believe that biblical integrity in business is of the utmost importance. Two other organizations are currently in the process of raising funds and building a new school and it is our aspiration to provide a small computer lab for the new school-computers with French keyboards and software, router, small generator and funds to subsidize the cost of monthly internet and fuel for the generator. With computer and internet access, they would be able to access programs that are offered by non profits such as Khan academy.

This is just an quick overview of what we currently have on our plate. No one from Regenesis Project takes any money from the organization for travel and accommodation expenses. Expenses are generally 100.00 a day plus airfare. (which can vary greatly depending on the time of year). All are welcome to come and since we partner with Hope Force International while there, there are usually some Hope Force projects ongoing that people can help with. People can also tag along with me to see people at work and to further our relationships. First and foremost is the development of the relationships. Regenesis Project- “Building relationships, investing in lives.”