FBC History

In 1860, the First Baptist Church of Lebanon, N.H. was formed by a group of 26 men and women in order to meet the needs of the growing community of Baptists in Lebanon. In 1862, a small chapel was built and used for worship until 1869, when it was replaced.

Standing on the corner of Green St. and School St. in downtown Lebanon, the building is today protected as a historical landmark in Lebanon.

The ministry of the church through the years has included such activities as a choir, Sunday School, a mission society, a Philathea class, youth group, and other organizations.

Today, the First Baptist Church of Lebanon remains a friendly and welcoming church. Average Sunday attendance is approximately 70 people. Members hail from towns all over the Upper Valley, and represent a diverse collection of ages and backgrounds.

Detailed History – 125 Years from 1862 – 1987 (PDF)

Pastoral Leadership

John McKinley 1862-1868 W.J.B Cannell 1930-1943
E.E. Cummings 1869-1870 F.K. Neary 1943-1956
J. Tucker Jr. 1870-1871 R.J. Bracey 1957-1968
H. Barnes 1871-1874 F.K. Emerson, Sr. 1968-1975
J.H. Gannet 1874-1875 B.S. Howe 1976-1982
N.F. Tilden 1876-1899 K.B. Solheim 1983-1985
W.L. Stone 1899-1903 R. Varnum (interim) 1985-1986
F.L. Knapp 1903-1912 P. Barnes (asst.) 1999-2001
J.K. Miller 1912-1918 Dale Edwards 1986-2012
C.L. Chamberlin 1918-1922 David Brown (interim) 2012-2013
H.H. White 1923-1927 Eliot Fay 2013-2015
J.K. Miller 1927-1930 Rick Pinilla (interim) 2016-Present